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The Pawness

A state of happiness for all cats, pooches and their pals

The Pawness Family

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Our customers say

You make us purr!

'My sweet Lana wasn’t producing enough milk and I had to nurse the pups myself with the nursing bubble. My pups' health makes this beyond priceless! Thank you sooo much!!!🥰'

'It came very well. I'm happy, I'll be able to feed my Yorkshire puppies. The shape to me is better than the one circling in breedersworld. Thank you Pawness!'

'Lovely product and will definitely help my girl with her 10 babies! It came with all instructions, even the box without any damage! Amazing!😍'

'Excellent quality and thick fabric. Best option to feed puppies up till teething (approx 3 weeks). Ordered one more for next litter.'

'I've been using MilkyMom Bowl for almost a month now, it really helped my kittens, they love sucking on it ❤️❤️Trust me it's a life saver, feels like a real nipple!!'